Heco International

We produce piston rod stuffing boxes, designed and developed to keep two-stroke engines running on ships all over the world.

Heco International

Heco International are delivering piston rod stuffing boxes for new engines and spare parts for engines across the globe. We have ever since the beginning been an important partner in the market for two-stroke diesel engines. We combine the best of two worlds to keep delivering products of the highest quality at competitive prices.

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Part of G&O Maritime Group

Heco International was founded in 1959 and became part of G&O Maritime Group in 2015. Since then, Heco International has been a proud representative of G&O Maritime Group’s Propulsion Management division, assisting the group to live up to the changes that are ongoing in the maritime industry.

Sustainability in Heco International

It is important to us to support our customers during the green transition of the maritime industry.

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